A door is a machine that provides entry and egress from a structure. The door must provide protection from the elements in addition to security for the structure. In addition to these fundamentals It Must Look Good!

The door provider must also be knowledgeable on the current building codes...what is the necessary size?; Does a “Pool code” apply to the door?...Does the door require self closing hinges?

Many people are surprised that Arizona’s extreme weather conditions can dramatically alter the lifespan of a door. Wooden doors placed in a opening with no overhead protection will rapidly deteriorate. The Arizona sun, heat and monsoon storms combine to provide one of the worst environments for millwork seen throughout the world.

The Associates at Fountain Hills Door also understand that each door must be matched to the openings. The knotty alder doors shown above are located in a well protected area where the sun and weather are unable to reach the wood.

In the case where there is full exposure to the elements, specific material such as metal, fiberglass or aluminum clad products are the recommended choice. These are proven products that have displayed the best durability for the conditions at hand.